The early stages of pregnancy is such a special time for everyone involved, however the first 3 month can be somwhat  unsettling and waiting for your 12 week scan can often feel a lifetime away.

Whether you have had a complicated pregnancy previously; its your first child or you simply just can’t wait to see your baby, 4Dreams Early Reasurance service can:

Provide reassurance that all is well in those early weeks

Give an estimated due date

Show you baby’s heartbeat

Provide you with a findings report for your NHS doctor & midwife and two 2D black and white prints to take home

We can offer a early reasurance scan once you have registed your pregnancy with you GP.

Please note: We are a non-diagnostic studio and if we notice something unusual we will always refer you to your midwife, GP, or local hospital for further medical advice.

When preforming a  Early Reasurance scan, we use a trans-abdominal probe not a trans-vaginal probe and this scan is carried out in 2D. In very early pregnancy we may not be able to see as clearly with a trans-abdominal probe as with a vaginal probe.  Early Reassurance scans are only available for women between 8-12 weeks gestation.

We don’t advise using our Early Reasurance service as an alternative to your 12 week NHS dating scan, we must emphasise that the exact delivery date will be given by your NHS health professional.


Upon enquiry, 4Dreams will calculate the gestation of the pregnancy based on information provided by the client.  Prior to booking Early Reassurance scans we require:

The date of the first day of your last menstrual period

Your usual menstral cycle length.

We also require full payment in advance of your appointment, via debit card, credit card or cash at time of booking.

It is very important you provide us with as accurate information regarding the above points as you are able.

If, during the examination the pregnancy is not at the stage advised  by the client and  the patient is presenting with a gestation under our guideline of 8 weeks, we may not be able to provide the full service nor be able to achieve a successful determination of the status of the pregnancy.


In preperation for the Early Reasurance scan we require the client to arrive with a full blader and to arrive 5/10  minutes early.


£60 (From 8 Weeks+) 2 SCANS ONLY £85
5 - 10 Minute 2D Scan
2 Black And Grey Images
Heartbeat Check
Findings Report



CD ROM Images £15 --------- DVD £20 --------- Black & Grey Prints £3.00 --------- Colour Prints £4.00 --------- Heartbeat Bear £20 -------- Boy/Girl Wrist Bands £1.00 --------- Packs: ------- 2 Black And White Prints £5 ------- Keyring £4, Prints and Keyring's 3 for £10