What is a 4D Scan?

A 4D scan is a live moving 3D image


When is it best to have a 3D/4D Scan?

A 4D Scan can be performed at any point during your pregnancy, Our personal recommendation is from 24-31 weeks, however we have had some amazing images outside these timeframes.


Are 3D/4D Ultrasound Scans safe for my baby and me?

Ultrasound during pregnancy is becoming increasingly popular. Studies over the last 40 years haven’t demonstrated any harmful effects to either baby or mother. The scan you would receive uses the same type of ultrasound you would typically get at your NHS appointments.


How can i prepare for my scan?

If you are coming for a gender scan (these can be performed from 16 weeks +) we require you to arrive 10 minutes early and with a full bladder. If you are attending a 4D scan (these can be performed from 24 weeks to 32 weeks) we recommend you to drink the recommended daily amount of water in days prior to having the scan, also to help the quality of the images we recommend not having any dark fluids on the lead up to the scan such as coffee. All of our scans require you to bring you antenatal pregnancy notes.


What Machine do you use?

At 4Dreams we use the latest in technology the market leading Voluson GE E8.


Am I Guaranteed to see my baby in 4D?

The simple answer is no. We can never guarantee anything but in the majority of cases we are able to provide you with images of baby. However there are occasions where this may not be possible due to several contributing factors such as baby’s position, BMI, the amount of amniotic fluid around baby’s face, placenta lie and so forth.  Although on the day we will do all we can to obtain the images for you, in the instance this occurs we will invite you back later for another complimentary scan* providing you booked on one of our 4Dreams packages

IMAGE QUALITY – differs from baby to baby and again the above factors will contribute to the clarity of your images. Please ask for more info should you require.


How many people can I bring / Are children welcome?

Firstly Children are more than welcome along with you during your scan

Secondly we can comfortably seat yourself and a maximum of 4 additional guests during your scan.


Will my scan detect abnormalities?

Scans performed at 4Dreams are strictly non-medical, non-diagnostic and therefore we do not look for any abnormalities of any type during our scans. Scans performed at 4Dreams are strictly for detecting gender and obtaining 4D images of baby. We do however have a Robust procedure in place if one of our sonographers were to notice something unusual and although this isn’t something we would discuss with you in detail we would ensure it was passed on to the relevant health care professionals. If you would like to see our Company Policy on Information Sharing please feel free to contact us at any point.


Can anyone book a scan at 4Dreams?

Yes, as we are a non-medical imaging studio, anyone can book without the need of referral from your doctor or midwife. If you are under 16 however we do require to speak with your Guardian before you come for your scan to receive their consent.


How good are you at determining gender?

At 4Dreams we use highly trained staff with years of experience in determining gender, so this along with premium state of the art technology give us a very high accuracy rate. However unfortunately we can never guarantee 100% and cannot be held accountable for any wrong determination however you will be reimbursed for the cost of your gender scan. Please note we do not disclose gender in our 4D scans due to gestation and time keeping.


Can you tell me baby’s estimated weight and measurements?

No, we do not provide this as apart of our service.

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