Pregnancy is such an exciting time for you and all involved, why not start the journey early and attend one of our early Gender Scans from 16 week to 24 weeks.

Between this gestation we can perform your gender scan with a high level of confidence. You can attend the scan with us once you have had your 12 week NHS-viability scan which will provide us with an accurate date of your current gestation.

4Dreams can not guarantee confirming the sex of the baby 100% of the time as there are manny factors that can come into play which will affect the results; however if we find that baby is laid in such position where we can not see clearly, we would the offer a complimentary free re-scan. Please see our F.A.Q page for more information.


When attending the gender scans we ask for you to bring your pregnancy notes with you and to arrive 5/10 minutes early with a full bladder.


£60 (16+ Weeks)
10 Minute 2D Scan
2 Black and White Thermal Prints
Heartbeat Check
Gender Confirmation


CD ROM Images £15 --------- DVD Live Footage £20 --------- Black & Grey Prints £3.00 (2 OR £5) --------- Colour Prints £4.00 (3 FOR £10) --------- Heartbeat Bear £20 -------- Frames £10.00 --------- Packs: ------- 2 Black And White Prints £5 ------- Keyring £4, Prints and Keyring's 3 for £10